The Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) works hand in hand with subject experts.  Accordingly, BQA is seeking expert candidates from educators/trainers and business/industry professionals who will be selected based on their experience and qualifications in the relevant sector.

Brief Description:

- Part-time consultant reviewers are recruited for the duration of the review, these consultants are specialists with expertise and experience in one or more professional fields. They contribute to the review in the following two roles:

- Subject matter expert: observes and evaluates lessons/training sessions, provides judgment on learners’ work and assessments, and provides  a    professional opinion on the quality of courses/programmes. Where needed he/she would attend for a number of hours to report on specified activities

Consultant reviewer: acts as a full reviewer, attends the full duration of the review, carries all assigned review activities and reports on them, in addition to writing parts of the review report on the assigned Aspect(s).

Please be advised that the duration of the contract will depend on the period required to complete the work.

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